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BitLumens ICOmustra – (BLS) with Veronica Garcia

We love Eidoo. In 11 Oct 2017 for our Hungarian community we made a review of their ICO and since then paying lots of attention to the project and everything around them. One of the great features within the Eidoo app is the ICOlist where easy to find and super easy to participate in a few well selected ICOs. This is how we discovered BitLumens which appeared to be a brilliant project. When we discovered a few small anomalies during the promotion and made them aware on telegram they acted…

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Rövidmustra – Crowd Machine

Charlie Shrem-tol jot az info, meg kellett hat szimatolni mi is ez a cucc amirol azt irta eddigi legnagyobb befektetese. (Az ex bitcoin-milliomos aki most elvileg mar csak mosogatofiu) Charlie-tol jott tehat a tipp, es jutottunk a CrowdMachine projecthez kozelebb es kozelebb, .. Sot olyan kozel hogy fel is vettuk a kapcsolatot Kurt Pfluger-el aki volt olyan kedves es nehany levelvaltas utan meg is adott nekunk minden szukseges dokumentumot amivel legalisan, szepen reszt vehetunk a PRIVATE pre-saleben remek kedvezmenyekkel. Na de hogy mit is csinal a Crowdmachine. Graig Sproule masik…

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